Tailgate Training

Delivery is simple and verifiable as part of your business's commitment to ongoing training, via a sign on sheet completed at the end of the session. A M Lane Ltd can develop bespoke training sessions to suit you, perhaps following an incident.

The following titles are available for download, more are always being developed:

Click on the 'Driving Safety' to see the style of the training provided and the 'Instruction' to see how the sessions are to be delivered.

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A M Lane Ltd has a proven track record in delivering top quality training to the arboricultural, forestry and landbased industry for the last 20 years. We pride ourselves in providing a down to earth approach to training that goes that extra mile to ensure trainees get the best available information and tuition. Over the years the company has developed its award winning H&S advisory service which has advocated the delivery of continuing work place training beyond the nationally recognised skills training.

We have therefore developed a set of 'Tailgate Training' sessions designed just as it says...to be delivered in the field from the tail gate of the works vehicle. Topics are simple and straight forward, designed to be delivered by a crew leader or foreman in about 20 minutes through a mixture of question led discussion, examples and information.