Royal Courts of Justice

Post date: 19-Dec-2013 09:26:02

QC Wig & Gown

Tony Lane has just finished acting as an Expert Witness at a hearing held at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The hearing lasted five days and Tony was cross-examined by a leading QC for five hours. According to Tony 'this was both nervewracking and exciting in equal measure, a great deal of effort over the last three and half years was now focussed on this hearing. Remaining calm, speaking clearly and thinking carefully about the questions put was key, as well as being entirely honest in my responses'.

The judgement is likely to handed down by Mr Justice Nicols early in 2014 and it is hoped that it will be an important judgement regarding the role of client as an employer of tree work contractors.

Tony was acting as an expert witness for the claimant in the case who had suffered serious spinal injuries after a fall from a tree and is not wheel chair bound.