The Undentable Run

Post date: 23-Jun-2010 06:17:45

On June 10 Nigel Moreland, Carl "Chuckles" Boswell, and PJ Luard began the run of their lives, which will take them 851 miles from John O’Groats to Land’s End in just 17 days. They are doing this to raise £100,000 for wounded soldiers and bereaved families. This is The Undentable Run.

The intention was for them to each run 50 miles each a day – that’s a double marathon. But by day four, all had sustained some brutal impact injuries from this relentless task. Now, they are covering the same distance but are working as a team in the greatest military tradition by doing it as a relay until their injuries heal. They are running a marathon a day each despite injuries that would keep most of us bed-ridden. They’ll be arriving in Land’s End on 26th June. Please visit their Facebook page for live updates.

It has been my privilege to have known Nigel Moreland for several years now. His indomitable spirit both at home and in his Army career characterises the British Armed Forces, this most recent mad venture is just another example of the selfless courage exhibited by all those who serve in the forces today. Nigel and team will pass through Tiverton on the 23rd June and I am joining them on the 24th for the next leg albeit on my bike! A M Lane Ltd are proud to give to this amazing challenge both financially and practically.