Health & Safety / LOLER / ISO9001 / ISO45001 / ISO14001 & NHSS18

A M Lane Ltd offers a wide range of advice and support to small businesses especially those engaged in the landbased sector. We have a clear ethos that health and safety is an integral part of a successful business and therefore we aim to provide the best practical advice we can to improve business performance.

Our background in farming, forestry, arboriculture and countryside management, provides a firm foundation in the practicalities of operating in demanding environments, often undertaking hazardous activities. Our brand of no nonsense advice is respected within the landbased sector and has been acknowledged with the award of the 'Lycetts Forest Industry Safety Trophy' in 2008.

Tony Lane is a Specialist Fellow of the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM), a Technician Member of the Institute of Safety Health (IOSH) and a member of the national register of safety and health consultants (OSHCR)

Health & Safety Advice

A M Lane Ltd currently provides advice on a wide range of small landscape and tree surgery businesses. These businesses range from 2 to 200 employees and cover a range of land based activities.

We specialise in helping Tree Surgery Businesses, given our own extensive experience and also because H&S consultancies rarely understand what is involved in tree surgery.

We offer a straightforward service based on an advice agreement. It is our aim to provide practical no nonsense advice that works. Our service has a range of off the shelf solutions to typical issues, such as Common Factor Risk Assessment, COSHH Assessments, Fire Risk Assessments, HAVS Risk assessment and Health Surveillance to mention a few. These solutions are only offered as part of a supported advice package given the need to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the business taking them on.

A robust work site system and business based audit system is an invaluable tool in assessing how well a business is performing. We can provide an extensive audit programme, both in field and desktop based formats to give you an independent view of your business. Accidents do happen! Accident reporting is a key component to running a responsible and successful business. Even the best run businesses have accidents and good accident investigation can provide valuable time and cost saving advice on how to avoid accidents occurring again.

We utilise the HSE Investigation System (HSG 245) in first evaluating the correct level of response to an accident and then to guide that investigation process. At the end a comprehensive report is provided, identifying the key causal factors and making recommendations as appropriate.

A M Lane Ltd have successfully discharged four HSE Improvement Notices for previous clients and have enabled clients to avoid further investigation by the HSE following RIDDOR reportable accidents.

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SMAS Woksafe Consultant

Company Health Check

We offer a no nonsense appraisal of your companies H&S, admin and operational performance. This health check focusses on areas of legal exposure and opportunities for improvements in efficiency.

Need help towards getting accreditation?

We can steer you in the right direction with practical help and advice towards a range of accreditations including:

  • Arboricultural Associations Approved Contractor (AAAC)

  • Construction Health & Safety (CHAS)

  • National Highways Sector Scheme 18 (NHSS18)

  • TrustMark)

  • Achillies

  • ConstructionLine

  • SafeContractor

In an ever demanding market place these accreditations can help to raise your company profile and give you access to those larger contracts.

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Tender Submissions

Increasingly Pre Qualification Questionnaires and Tender documents demand an ever increasing amount of H&S related information. We have extensive personal experience of completing and winning contracts based not only on our technical ability but on the quality of our submission.

We are happy to offer this experience to our clients.

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LOLER - Thorough Examination of climbing equipment

We are able to offer an inspection service for Arboricultural Equipment, both Climbing and Rigging Equipment under Regulation 9 of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. Our senior LOLER inspector is qualified to Level 3 and is an Instructor in inspection.

Our services provides a tactile visual assessment of your climbing and lowering equipment either at our office or onsite. The inspected equipment is entered onto our own database, which then provides an asset list for the client of all their equipment enabling easy tracking. A thorough inspection report is produced for each kit along with a defects report and a daily check sheet proforma. All this is available electronically for easy retrieval and updating.

Please click on the link to view or download the LOLER Inspection Questionnaire which has to be completed for each climbing kit.

ISO9001, 14001 & 45001 Systems

We have extensive experience in supporting businesses to develop integrated management systems based on one or all of the above standards. This includes embedding the standards in practical ways that compliment the specific context of the business.

This includes system development, internal auditing and compliance checks as well as coaching the business through external accreditation if they require.

The system we propose is entirely tailored to and owned by the business.

Accident Investigation

Accidents can happen even in the most safety conscious businesses. We can help to investigate when they occur to establish key learning points. We also can act under the instruction of the businesses insurance company where an HSE investigation is pending or underway.