High Hedges & Neighbour Disputes

High Hedges

Government legislation in 2008 attempted to solve the problem faced by householders, whose neighbours hedges were dominating there property. We at A M Lane Ltd have since 2009 handled the high hedge cases for one of our largest local authority clients, once the complaint has been validated. We have a 100% success rate in solving complaints and winning the appeals that have arisen from our recommended decisions. A M Lane Ltd are able to offer a one stop shop for local councils in dealing with High Hedge Complaints, from initial assessment of the complaint letter to the decision notice.

If you are affected by a high hedge or own a hedge causing concern for a neighbour, we are able to offer a mediation process that will hopefully resolve the issue, before it has to become a matter for the council to adjudicate over.

Neighbour Disputes

Overhanging branches, or roots disrupting tarmac, together with shade and domination by trees can all result in major issues arising between neighbours. A M Lane Ltd are able to provide independent and unbiased advice to either party, regarding the tree in question. We cannot guarantee dispute resolution but we can ensure that the facts are clearly established in relation to the tree and make recommendations.

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