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We are very proud to announce a new enterprise that is being developed through A M Lane Ltd as we speak. A very brief overview of the services we will offer is outlined below.  We will shortly have the @best website up and running however in the meantime please email us for any further details.

The @best team has a broad range of experience across many sectors, both public and private.  Never afraid to get our hands dirty, we have helped to develop people and improve processes wherever we have worked.  Our mantra is ‘practise makes permanent’ which means it is not good to rest on one's laurels when things are looking rosy, or to accept quick fixes and easy options when you should be looking for continuous improvement.  That is why @best actively promotes quality management systems (QMS) such as ISO9001 and ISO14001 and the TQS (training quality standard) Framework as business improvement tools and not just badges to gain kudos. 

If you want more than just a 'sticking plaster' call @best on 07703185040 or e-mail pete.best@atbest.co.uk
We will listen to you and help you arrive at the best solution.